Rock it Out! Blog: “What Musicians Would Attend Your Last Supper?”


Your life is ending soon. You’ve been accused of blasphemy after your friend betrayed you for 30 pieces of silver. Before you’re taken away, you have one last supper. What three musicians would you invite to that supper? That’s the query posed on today’s Rock it Out! Blog. As evidenced by their video for “Diane Young”, Vampire Weekend’s guest list would include Chromeo, Santigold, Sky Ferreira, and members of Dirty Projectors and The Walkmen. But what say you? Leave your comments down below.

Other headlines covered on today’s episode include the rumor of a new Pearl Jam single coming in July, a video game based on Joy Division’s “Love Will Tear Us Apart”, a new single from Hot Chip, and Atoms For Peace rehearsing the song “Rabbit In Your Headlights”.

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