Rock it Out! Blog: “What’s The Worst Band Name?”


There are a lot of bands in this world, and a lot of those bands have really terrible, disgusting names. According to a recent list put together by Rolling Stone, that undoubtedly voluminous list includes the likes of Foo Fighters, Limp Bizkit, and even The Beatles. So, on today’s episode of Rock it Out! Blog, we want to know: do you agree with the magazine’s compilation of the world’s most awful band names? Or, are there other monikers out there whose very mention make you spit up in disgust? Leave us your worst offenders in the comment section down below.

Also on today’s episode, Sami recaps some major headlines, including the release date of the new Pearl Jam album, Lightning Bolt, as well as a release date for the new Kings of Leon single, and when you can catch The Men on the road this fall.

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