Rock it Out! Blog: “The Worst Band Tattoos!”

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Getting a tattoo of your favorite band, their logo, or meaningful lyrics symbolizes your undying love for their music and your loyalty as a fan. But there are some music tattoos that are so awful, so cringeworthy, you wonder if the artist themselves would be willing to pay for its removal. So, on today’s Rock it Out! Blog, Sami (who is ink-free) wants to know what music tattoos are the worst you’ve ever seen. Leave your horror stories down below and feel free to post links to the tattoos you’ve found to be most foul.

Also on today’s episode, Sami recaps more music headlines, including a trippy new video from Portugal. The Man, a brand new song from Arctic Monkeys, the trailer for Metallica’s Imax movie, Through The Never, and the long-awaited single from Boards Of Canada.

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