SASAMI: When I Made… Squeeze

Our February Artist of the Month tells the story of her new album

sasami when i made squeeze

When I Made… is a video series in which musicians and other creatives tell stories about their process. In each episode, an artist shares personal anecdotes and behind-the-scenes imagery as they discuss the making of their latest album.

In the latest episode of When I Made…, SASAMI, our February Artist of the Month, shares a closer look into the creative process behind her latest album, Squeeze. “You can either get really stuck in reality and in the present, or you can go deep into fantasy — because it’s infinite when you’re locked in the house for two years,” she says of the circumstances that prompted her to chase the more fantastical side of things.

This era allowed SASAMI to push boundaries both for listeners and for herself. The album spans genres, touching on more folk-inspired sounds and nu-metal alike. “I get to build a sonic world with new collaborators every time,” she shares. “I’m just really proud of how extreme I went in every direction.”

In the episode, SASAMI shares details on her collaborators, what it’s like to “follow the song’s lead,” and the process of recording and producing an album in her home studio.

Watch the full episode above.


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