Sleeping with Sirens Play Battle of the Bandmates: Watch

Six albums in, how well do the post-hardcore vets really know each other?

sleeping with sirens battle of the bandmates

Sleeping with Sirens have long since come of age and are now, as they put it, “distinguished, nice boys.” Since the band’s founding in 2009, the pop-punk group has seen changes in their lineup and label, but they’ve managed to carve out their signature sound over six albums.

“We’ve been doing it for a long time; we still like to do it,” says lead singer Kellin Quinn. “We’ve matured and grown up.”

This may be so, but how well have the members gotten to know each other over the years? Ahead of Sleeping With Siren’s new album Complete Collapse, arriving Friday, October 14th, we put Quinn and rhythm guitarist Nick Martin to the test in a playful game of Battle of the Bandmates.

Do they know what drives the other crazy in the recording studio? Have they grown accustomed to each other’s musical influences? One thing is for sure — the band’s family dynamic is what has allowed them to remain a pop-punk staple for well over a decade.

“I am very proud of the band and the growth of the band for sure,” says Martin. “And that’s for all of us. I think it’s really hard for a lot of bands to weather a lot of the storms that we have had to weather together… getting on the other side of that, as a family, that’s something I’m really proud of.”

Witness their camaraderie at work in the latest round of Battle of the Bandmates above.

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