Sold Out!: Inside America’s Ticketing Landscape – An Original Documentary

An unfiltered look at our country's ticket industry from the perspective of the scalpers, government officials, and fans

Ticket industry

These days, buying a concert ticket is about as hard as finding an original movie in Hollywood. We’ve all been there; tickets for your favorite band go on sale at 10:00 a.m. on a Saturday morning. You wake up early, pour a cup of Joe, and proceed to repeatedly tap F5 30 minutes before the on-sale time. Yet, when that movement of truth finally arrives, tickets are miraculously sold out. Mere minutes later, hundreds are available on third-party resellers. And if you are lucky enough to beat the bots, outrageous service fees await you at the check-out page.

How did we get here and, more importantly, how do we fix it? In our new original documentary, Sold Out!: Inside America’s Ticketing Landscape, we examine the industry from all perspectives — from the bots gobbling up the tickets, to the scalpers selling them, to the fans who are shut out of their favorite shows, to the government officials seeking to pass legislation to ban such scalping practices. Narrated by video director Sami Jarroush, this 30-minute provides an unfiltered look inside the ticket industry like you’ve never seen before.

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