Stray Kids Take Us Inside Their Eccentric, ODDINARY World: “Everything Is Open, We Can Try Whatever We Want”

After an explosive 2021, the K-pop act isn't slowing down any time soon

stray kids interview

“We love the stage,” says Seungmin, one of the eight members of Stray Kids. “And we love each other.” For anyone new to the bright and boisterous world of the South Korean group, it’s a pretty concise introduction.

This conversation with Consequence is taking place over Zoom at 9:00 p.m. in America — 10:00 a.m. the following day in Seoul — a few weeks ahead of the release of Stray Kids’ new mini-album, ODDINARY, which is now available today, March 18th. This collection follows the group’s 2021 full-length album, NOEASY, whose title slyly pokes fun at detractors who might accuse the act of making “noise music.”

Stray Kids were forged in the fire from the start, having assembled through an intense survival-style reality show of the same name. They’re led by Bang Chan, a kindhearted, often bashful songwriter of Aussie origins, responsible for wrangling the seven other spirited members.

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The group is rounded out by Lee Know, a powerful, fluid dancer; Changbin, a fierce rapper; Hyunjin, sleek and striking onstage and off; HAN, playful, unpredictable, and able to jump between vocals and rapping; Felix, whose shockingly deep voice is betrayed by a gentle demeanor and fairytale features; sweet vocalist Seungmin; and I.N, the youngest, a thoughtful, hardworking sponge who soaks up everything there is to learn from his older members.


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