Sunflower Bean Celebrate Release of Headful of Sugar by Playing Battle of the Bandmates: Watch

Three albums in, how well do the members of the New York trio really know each other?

battle of the bandmates Sunflower Bean headful of sugar

To commemorate the release of Sunflower Bean’s third full-length album, Headful of Sugar, we challenged the group to a game of Battle of the Bandmates.

As the trio recently told Consequence, the LP came together after the band reunited following a pandemic-induced separation — the first time they’d spent such a long stretch apart since their formation. Which is to say that since coming together nearly a decade ago, the trio of Julia Cumming, Olive Faber, and Nick Kivlen have rarely been more than a few feet from each other.

They’re known as a relentless touring act, spending the majority of any given year on the road or at least playing all around their New York City hometown. Headful of Sugar was mostly written and recorded while they were staying at a friend’s house upstate over a six-month period. With one global disease as the exception, it’s almost as if they’ve been around each other nonstop since they were teenagers.

So you’d think a group of people spending that much time together for that long would know each other pretty well — the question is just how well. We aimed to find out by sitting Sunflower Bean down for a game of Battle of the Bandmates. Challenging them with questions about their bandmates’ musical tastes, emoji preferences, and dream gigs, Consequence put Sunflower Bean’s knowledge of Sunflower Bean to the ultimate test.

See how well they did by watching the video above. You can also revisit our video interview with Sunflower Bean, in which they discuss how Headful of Sugar came together as “a Zillenial playlist” of sorts.

Stream Headful of Sugar below.

Trouble viewing the interview in the player above? Watch on YouTube.


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