Tears for Fears on Tour with Garbage: “It’s Gonna Be the Best One Yet”

The iconic duo talk about growing into "a live monster," setlist building, and more

tears for fears tour garbage the tipping point interview

Three months after releasing their first new album in 17 years, The Tipping Point, Tears for Fears are heading out on their first US tour in half a decade. (Get your tickets here!) The month-long trek will see Curt Smith and Roland Orzabal joined by another iconic group, Garbage, and a set that will be their “best one yet.”

“We’re not spoiled for choice,” Orzabal tells Consequence in our second interview with the duo. “We had a very good set that we were touring last time, and some fantastic dynamics… We’ve got a lot of things we can pull out of the bag. And of course this album, which has a lot of crazy, up-beat songs as well as the more emotional ones.”

As they’ve proven with recent appearances on late night programs, the legends haven’t lost a step when it comes to performing live. But they’re the first to admit they weren’t always built for being on stage. “We started Tears for Fears as a duo in many ways so we wouldn’t bloody play live,” says Orzabal. “We were sort of homebodies that, you know, wanted to sit in a very comfortable and plus studio and then try and rule the world from that location.”

After their 2004 reunion album, Everybody Loves a Happy Ending, everything changed. The pressure of being “number one in the world” was off, they were more matured adults, and they’d formed camaraderie with their new band. “I think that the ease of working with these people helps,” says Smith. “The fact that they are really good musicians certainly helps. You know, we’re playing with better players than we ever have before, which makes you step up your game to a certain degree.”

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It also doesn’t hurt that The Tipping Point is filled with songs worthy of live renditions — a contrast to “legacy bands” putting out albums simply as an excuse to tour the old hits. In fact, when presented with six choices from the new LP that would make great setlist additions (“No Small Thing,” “The Tipping Point,” “My Demons,” “River of Mercy,” and “Long Long Time”), the duo laughs and says fans can expect at least half of them.

“We can guarantee three,” Smith says with a smile. “If you’re happy with three, you’ll be happy.”

“There’ll be four or five,” chimes in Orzabal.

The chat also finds Tears for Fears talking about the renewed interest in their music, what modern music they love (Bon Iver) and what they think falls flat (Coldplay’s Music of the Spheres), recording and touring with Puscifer’s Carina Round, and more. Check out the whole interview above.

Make sure to get your tickets to Tears for Fears’ tour with Garbage via Ticketmaster.

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