The Day Dave Matthews Band Pooped on Chicago: A Documentary

12 years ago, the ugly stench of #Poopgate fell onto the city of Chicago


    On August 8, 2004, tragedy struck the city of Chicago in a way that’s not been seen since. On that day a tour bus belonging to the Dave Matthews Band dumped 800 lbs. of raw sewage off Kinzie Street bridge and into the Chicago river. Sadly, an architectural tour boat was passing underneath the bridge at that very moment.

    13 years later, images from the day still haunt the city. Which is why we decided to send our cameras to the streets of Chicago to speak to some of the people that witnessed the event, those who actually encountered it, and how they’re managing to move forward over a decade later.

    A warning to our viewers that some scenes in this documentary may be too graphic for young children.

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