The Losers’ Club Cast of Stephen King’s It Miniseries Reunites for 30th Anniversary

Featuring Marlon Taylor, Brandon Crane, Ben Heller, Adam Faraizl, and Emily Perkins

The Losers' Club Reunited

In celebration of the 30th anniversary of Stephen King’s IT miniseries, the original cast of kids reunited for an exciting panel at this year’s Salem Horror Fest.

Hosted by The Losers’ Club and filmmaker John Campopiano, the cast discussed stories from the set, the legacy of the miniseries, and growing up with Stephen King.

Guests included Marlon Taylor (Mike Hanlon); Brandon Crane (Ben Hanscom); Ben Heller (Stanley Uris); Adam Faraizl (Eddie Kasprak); and Emily Perkins (Beverly Marsh).

Edited by: Kyle Orozovich

Founded in January 2017, The Losers’ Club is a weekly podcast for Constant Readers, horror hounds, and new fans of Stephen King to dig deep into the author’s oeuvre and the myriad TV, film, print, and stage adaptations of his work.

To further celebrate, you can revisit the show’s past interview with IT miniseries director Tommy Lee Wallace. The filmmaker discusses the evolution of TV, the genius of Tim Curry, and even the cultural reevaluation of Halloween III: Season of the Witch.

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