Video Vault: Oasis delivers “Live Forever” to a packed 1994 Chicago crowd

Welcome to the latest edition of the Video Vault, a new series in which Consequence of Sound and Chicago’s iconic JBTV offer you classic concert footage from over 30 years of tape preserved in the studio’s extensive collection. Many of these have never before been seen by the general public.

Previously, we brought you a 1996 clip of Rage Against the Machine absolutely crushing a performance of “Bulls on Parade”, as well as visuals of legends-in-the-making Mike Watt, Foo Fighters, and Eddie Vedder teaming up for an ultra rare throwback collaboration. Today, we’ve dug up video of Oasis playing “Live Forever” at a packed Chicago’s Metro venue circa October 1994, just months after releasing their debut album, Definitely Maybe.

It’s a solid rendition of a song that quickly went on to become a critical hit; plus, the clip features #90sfashion and a nice look at the simpler days when the Gallagher brothers were on good terms. Sigh. Watch below.


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