Yellow Days: When I Made… A Day in a Yellow Beat

George Van Den Broek takes us inside the creative process of his latest album

Yellow Days: When I Made... A Day in the Yellow Beat

“When I Made…” is a new video series in which musicians tell stories about their creative process. In each episode, an artist shares personal anecdotes and behind-the-scenes imagery as they discuss the making of their latest album.

Today, “When I Made…” debuts with George Van Den Broek, the 21-year-old British funkster making music as Yellow Days. On September 18th, Van De Broek released A Day in a Yellow Beat, a 23-song odyssey that sees Van De Broek move past the cloudy melancholy of his early music and into a new age funk tinged with 1970’s jubilation.

Join Van Den Broek as he takes us into his journey making A Day in a Yellow Beat, from writing at his parents house, to recording in London with an all-star cast of collaborations including Mac DeMarco and Shirley Jones, to filming of the album’s accompanying visuals.

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