Zakk Wylde: Ozzy Osbourne Insisted Doctors Not “Use Elmer’s Glue” to Fix Him Up This Time

"Hang around Ozz ... and if you don't have a pair of Depends on, forget about it"

Ozzy Osbourne and Zakk Wylde

Ozzy Osbourne has experienced various ailments and injuries over the past several months, culminating with a fall at home that dislodged metal rods inside his body and forced the cancellation of his 2019 tour dates.

According to Ozzy’s guitarist, Zakk Wylde, the problem was all in the adhesive. Heavy Consequence caught up with the amusing axe-man at the recent Sonic Temple festival in Ohio, and he updated us on the Prince of Darkness’ health.

In the video interview above, Zakk tells us, “When I left the boss in the hospital, Ozz was like, ‘Zakk, do me a favor … tell them not to use Elmer’s Glue this time, something stronger — I need either Krazee Glue, Gorilla Glue, something that bonds better than Elmer’s. That’s not gonna cut it. And when they wrap the duct tape around me … tell them to use flat black … it goes better with my clothing.'”

When we asked if it was possible to just keep Ozzy in a hyperbaric chamber until he needs to go onstage, Wylde responded, “We do that with him now.”

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Getting a little more serious, but not so much more, Wylde says it’s been a joy being back in Ozzy’s band after rejoining the group in 2017 following an eight-year absence.

“We’ve always kept in touch through the years, and [guitarist Gus G.] was in there killing it … Ever since I joined the band, it’s been a miracle that any work gets done, because all you have to do is hang around Ozz for 5 or 10 minutes, and if you don’t have a pair of Depends on, forget about it … between him taking the piss out of himself or whatever current events are going on around the world, it’s hilarious.”

Watch the full video interview with Zakk Wylde, including his zany introduction, above. Ozzy, Zakk, and the rest of the band will be back on the road in 2020, making up their entire European and North American tours that were postponed. See all of the dates here.


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