George A. Romero’s Lost 1973 Movie The Amusement Park Gets First Trailer

Three years ago

Guillermo del Toro collaborator Daniel Kraus revealed that George A. Romero’s long lost 1973 horror film The Amusement Park had been discovered and that he had watched a cut.

Almost 50 years after it was created, the movie has finally gotten its first-ever trailer alongside news that it will stream on Shudder on June 8th.

follows an elderly gentleman on a trip to, duh, the amusement park. What was supposed to be an uneventful day quickly escalates into a hellish nightmare as the man endures various forms of trauma, all of which are intended to be an allegory for real-life ageism.

The Amusement Park

As seen in the trailer,  this translates into chase scenes, blunt injuries, and more.  Swipe up to watch the full trailer!